Inca Trail Packing list for Machu Picchu

A cursory search for an Inca Trail packing list on the net returns a number of unsatisfactory results that admittedly go some way in providing an overview of the key gear requirements, but fall woefully short in terms of explaining why and what is needed in detail.

We know that for our readers the devil is in the detail, so a few years ago we set out to produce the Ultimate Inca Trail Packing List that can be used as a complete and reliable resource for anyone thinking of trekking to Machu Picchu. This page is the culmination of that pursuit.

  • Very Important: Not forget to bring your original passport with you; it will be required at the beginning of the Inca Trail and also to enter to Machu Picchu citadel.
  • Sleeping bag for cold temperatures, because 2 first days are cold, specialty second day. We rent good sleeping bags for cold temperatures -20 °C or 0 °F, by US$ 4 per day.
  • Good quality footwear, need to be grippy and comfortable.
  • A plastic poncho is recommended, could rain during trip more during December, January, February and March (rainy season), the cost is US$ 1.
  • Warm and light clothes, because the 2 first days use to be cold, by third and fourth day use to be warm.
    Water bottle or canteens to have water with you during all trek.
  • Flashlight with enough battery for all trek
  • A film or camera with enough batteries to record these memorable days
  • Hat or cap, the sun of the mountains is really strong, is recommended also a good sun cream protector higher factor 30
  • Insect repellent, we recommend minimum 20% DEET, at low land close to the rivers or creeks use to be mosquitos, are not dangerous but are annoying.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Snacks such as: Energetic bars, cereal bars, chocolates, cereals with honey, fresh and dry fruit.
    Water sterilizing tables (Micropur is good, and you can find it at any local drugstore in Cusco)
  • Personal anti-bacterial hand gel.
  • A towel and swimsuit if you decide to relax at the hot spring of Aguas Calientes.
  • Money in cash in dollars or soles, for the last lunch, or any eventuality.
  • Walking sticks or poles preferably cover with rubber to care archaeological sites.
  • Student card in case that had have applied for a student discount